Rona Insch 

Clinical Hypnotherapist
Business & High Performance Coach


Change your thoughts and you'll change your world

Clinical Hypnotherapy & Coaching 

The smallest steps can lead to the biggest changes in your life. 


Hypnotherapy and Coaching are skilled communications aimed at directing a person's imagination in a way that helps elicit changes in some perceptions, sensations, feelings, thoughts and behaviours.

In a typical session the therapist and client will discuss the intended alterations or therapeutic goals desired. The therapist will ask questions about previous medical history, general health and lifestyle to decide on the best approach for the individual.

Hypnotherapy & Coaching may be found to be helpful for those seeking relief from a range of problems and is used alongside a person's own willpower and motivation to seek a desired goal. 

They are often used to help relieve anxiety, aid sleeping, address attitudes to weight, and help clients achieve behavioural change.